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Innovation has been one of the founding values of Maison James since its creation.

Our dedication to a sense of detail and the unique nature of each project demands constant exploration of ideas in order to imagine and design new materials.

Our R&D teams are constantly bringing together traditional crafts and new technologies to spark new solutions into life, to meet even the most ambitious design projects.

Through an alliance of materials, tradition and technology, we are able to keep coming up with new solutions and innovative materials to keep pace with the latest trends in design and interior design.

Wood is a form-inspiring, deeply human material.

A. Aalto


Swoom is the wall panel that knows no limits but those of the imagination.

With Swoom, it is perfectly possible to give full rein to your boldest ideas for wall decoration.

This unique material, a daring combination of flexible coating and composite backing, is available exclusively from Maison James.

With Swoom, your wall decorations can be fully customised to feature the relief pattern of your choice. Floral motif, logo or distinctive fresco, whatever the space to be decorated, everything is possible.

Download the leaflet : Swoom by James


the wood industry was waiting for this material.

Selun® meets the request of wood furniture makers who want greater creative freedom for a long time.
Selun®, a material made from 60% wood flour and 40% cellulose acetate, has a very natural appearance close to the timber.
It exhibits the same natural properties, warmth, elegance as wood. The thermoformability is its main advantage. It can be formed in 3D shape by simple heating to give complex and smooth shapes.
In a spirit of sustainable development, it offers a greater freedom of creativity to wood furniture makers and interior designers. It is VOC-free, recyclable and biodegradable as wood.

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