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Molitor *****

Molitor *****

The work with James on the Piscine Molitor was centred on the bedrooms, the largest of the contract packages.

The diversity of the different spaces involved and the need to coordinate with other firms working on the rooms made this a particularly sensitive project.

Each room space was designed around a number of keynote ideas designed to confer a unique identity upon the hotel. The overall decoration of the hotel was conceived as a panning shot from the 1930s to the present day, by way of a “Street Art” period representing the years during which the establishment was closed down.

The spatial organisation of each room is also distinctive to the project. In most of the rooms, the bed faces the façade, further reinforcing the inward-looking nature of the project, focused on the pool. The beds are deliberately positioned slightly off the square to underline the non-mandatory nature of the project. Redesigning an historic icon means proceeding stratum by stratum, and the wooden bed highlights the footloose spirit of the redesign overlaid on the building’s earlier history. These exacting requirements called for extremely fine work by Maison James on the headboards, which are both curved and covered. The headboard ties in with the curtains (by Silva Créations) and the glass partition in the bathroom (Bouygues) to create the room’s overall identity.

Complementing the headboard, the nightstands and the round table that serves as a desk were designed and made from walnut by James, especially for the project.

Not only do the lacquer, mirror and walnut wardrobes combine a number of different materials, they must also satisfy technical constraints governing smoke extraction for passageways, requiring considerable technical expertise on the part of the firm.

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